Jiu-Jitsu was specifically developed to allow a smaller person, male or female, to defend themselves against a larger person by application of leverage and technique.  Gaining superior position on your opponent and applying a myriad of chokes, holds, locks and joint manipulations becomes the foundation for this fun martial art.  Columbia Self Defense strives to follow the same program as taught by Valente Brothers.  Emphasis is placed on defensive tactics against the most common street attacks.


The Fundamentals 27 Lesson System TM includes 120 techniques that could literally save your life during a confrontation.  This innovative teaching method is an adaptation by Professor Valente of Grand Master Helio Gracie's private class curriculum which has been used and perfected for over 80 years.  Frequent practice is essential if efficiency is to be gained.  The key to learning Jiu-Jitsu is repetition.  The ultimate goal is to condition your sub-conscious with Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.


After completing the 27 Lesson System TM you will have the opportunity to enter the Advanced Program.  In the course of this program you will learn to put the basic techniques together into various combinations, with the use of leverage and momentum.   The Program consists of the following classes: 

*  Grappling Techniques
*  Throwing Techniques
 * Striking & Clinching Strategies
 * Sparring

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